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This morning I received and oil and car inspection service. When I tell you I received exceptional service, I received EXCEPTIONAL service. Everyone was kind and attentive. The shop was beautiful and clean…..like a woman’s touch…..lol. Coffee was served with a fancy machine, which I loved. Honest 1 Auto Care to me is top notch. Thank you for your kindness and professional service. I’ll be back😄 Tanya


My old truck was throwing some codes and I was unable to pass inspection. Robert took the time to find the issue (a previous mechanic could not find the issue) and he fixed it! The price was a lot lower than I expected. I am very happy! Thank you all.


I brought my car in for a coolant leak repair, and the car broke down on a test drive. The technician working on my car broke it and they held it in their shop for 1 1/2 weeks and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. And now I had to tow it to another shop and have them look at it and fix the problem that this shop caused. I’ve spent thousands at this shop for other work and it’s unbelievable they couldn’t fix my car and I had to pay for the tow.

I'm sorry, not sure what happened but we don't have you as a customer, please call and we will do our best to resolve this issue.

- Honest-1 Auto Care Castle Hills TX

Entire staff was top notch; Great experience. Will definitely recommend to my friends.


Got my Texas Vehicle Inspection done. I was in and out in no time! Great people and environment.


First time going and will return. Visited to get the state inspection done and process was quick and efficient. Liked the treat that was left in the car..nice touch. Thank you!


I have used this shop over the past couple of years and I think they do a good job overall. However, I was a little disappointed the last time I went in as the shop manager brought to my attention that my cabin air filter was dirty and needed replacing. I gave him the green light to replace it. When I checked out I noticed that the filter was $50.00!!! Reluctantly I paid it as I’m the one that said yes to replacing it. C’mon…$50 is way too much for a filter guys! I have since shopped this filter around and, at most, the cost is $23 but can’t find them as low as $13. This has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m not sure I’ll be back for future service …of any kind. I understand that this economy is in bad shape right now but taking advantage of hard working people that are trying to keep their cars running efficiently…..is ridiculous.


When my car began having issues and the check engine blight came on, Honest-1 ran tests to determine the issue, They shared the diagnosis and encouraged me to take it to a specialist. The communication was great, service and professionalism very much appreciated. Their shuttle to and from made it easy for drop off and pick up. They couldn't fix the issue, honestly said so, take care of me during that time and referred me to a great specialist. Excellent customer service, feeling heard and making challenges easier...these folks are great!


Great experience, excellent customer service and valued service. Family friendly atmosphere ❤️ Make it very comfortable while waiting on your vehicle, light snacks and television. Play space for little.ones if needed.


Friendly staff and great environment to rest and wait for your vehicle. They have a great refreshment section cold and hot drinks, and snacks too! There is a kid section with toys. They even leave you a snack with a note after your service. However, my favorite part of Honest 1 is how I really feel like I'm being taken cared of. I took my car to the dealership for a recall. They fixed the recall issue but then proceeded to go with a $500 charge to flush my coolant and transmission saying that it was requiring immediate attention at 39k miles. I told them I would have to bring it another time. After bringing it to Honest 1 They stated it was much too early to be bringing it in for those issues. I asked if they could give me a second opinion and after having their mechanic check they stated it didn't need that work. So I stuck with the regular oil change and carried on with my day. Some extra perks too is they have those smart car style cars for loaners if you need. Or if you need to coordinate a ride home they will do that too. Thank you to Honest 1 as I feel you truly care for your customers.

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